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John Abbate

Column: Invest Yourself

John Abbate has three passions — faith, family, and business. Over the last decade he has become acutely aware of the challenge associated with balancing God’s desire for us to live an authentic Christian life in each of these realms,...

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David G. Bjornstrom

( Attorney )
Column: Catching Air

David G. Bjornstrom is a Santa Rosa, CA-based attorney at law with 36 years specializing in business, estate and tax law. He may be reached at

Mike Breen

( Provocateur, Parallel Thinking )
Column: Parallel Thinking

Mike Breen is a Florida-based Catholic, a brilliant marketer whose career includes serving top Fortune 500 brands, the provocateur of Parallel Thinking, and the author of "Constitutional Cuisine."

Ric Brutocao

Ric Brutocao is a popular host on The Mentors Radio Show, where he brings to listeners innovative guests and his own seasoned experience as an entrepreneur, investor, the former president and COO of DACOR, founder of a successful telecommunications company,...

Tim Busch

( This is the title of my column )
Column: Integrating Faith and Work

View Articles -- Tim Busch (Timothy R. Busch), founder and CEO of the Napa Institute, is a seasoned entrepreneur, attorney, CPA, a builder of business entities, and a serious Catholic. In 1979 he founded an Irvine, California-based law firm, The...

Ken Lambert

Ken Lambert has been heavily involved in construction, sales, real estate, and as an advocate for mental health for more than 25 years. He holds a U.S. Patent for a type of loan software program, and is an established writer,...

Patrick Lencioni

( President, The Table Group )
Column: Management that Makes a Difference

Patrick Lencioni is the founder and president of The Table Group, and a prolific author of best-selling books on business management, particularly in relation to team management. He is best known as the author of The Five Dysfunctions of a...

" Recognized as a true pioneer in leadership and business, Patrick Lencioni is a New York... "

Thomas M. Loarie

( CEO, Bryologyx )
Column: CEO Learnings

View Articles Thomas M. Loarie is a popular host of The Mentors Radio Show, the founder and CEO of BryoLogyx Inc. (, and a seasoned corporate executive with expertise turning-around companies and leading cutting-edge start-ups in the life sciences industry....

" Thomas Loarie is CEO of Bryologyx, a radio host of The Mentors Radio Show, and... "

Dick Lyles

( CEO, Origin Entertainment )
Column: Our Catholic Faith at Work

Richard I. “Dick” Lyles is CEO of Origin Entertainment, a Hollywood film production company, to which he brings not only leadership, but also extensive expertise in business, strategy, finance and marketing. He is a founding board member of Hollywood-based Act...

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