Fred Ruopp, Sr.

A well-grounded and thoughtful Catholic, Los Angeles-based founder and CEO of Chelsea Management Company, Mr. Fred Ruopp, Sr., is ranked by Kiplinger's as one of the top value-oriented managers in the country (Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, Oct 2000), managing more than a billion dollars.

Mr. Ruopp founded Chelsea Management Company ( in 1971, to provide investment counsel to individual and institutional clients. He has continuously served as the Chief Investment Officer of the firm, actively managing portfolios for over forty years. He has presided over the company’s growth from inception to is current size, managing assets of over one billion dollars.

Ruopp also chairs the firm’s Research and Investment Committee, monitoring the adherence to Chelsea’s core investment principle of selecting and following high quality fixed income and equity securities to achieve an appropriate balance of risk and return in accordance with the objectives of its clients.

Prior to founding Chelsea, Ruopp handled important retirement portfolios at the First National Bank of Chicago and spent a number of years at Lehman Brothers investment banking firm where he managed investments for the firm’s partners and their families. He was also a senior investment officer of Transamerica’s diverse insurance and investment counsel operations.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Ruopp earned his MBA from Northwestern University Graduate School of Business (Kellogg). He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Chartered Investment Counselor and a member of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, the Los Angeles Financial Analysts Society and the Investment Counsel Association of America. He also holds a Senior Security Analyst designation from the New York Society of Security Analysts.

Frederick J. Ruopp has served as a member of several corporate and philanthropic boards over the years. He is currently a member of the Board of Governors of Thomas Aquinas College (since 1982), serving as the Board’s Chairman from 1986-92, and as Chairman of the Board’s Finance Committee and of the Endowment and Investment Committee. He is a member of the Dan Murphy Foundation.


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