Noelle Patno has competed as an amateur ballroom dancer and has taught and helped organize two Orange County, California, Catholic dances. She continues to study ballroom dance and learn more about Theology of Body and encourages others to enjoy dancing! Professionally, Noelle Patno, PhD, is the Nutrition Scientist for Digestive Health at Metagenics. Dr. Patno received her PhD in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition and Masters in Translational Science from the University of Chicago, studying the role of microbial components in intestinal epithelial cell survival related to inflammatory bowel disease. Prior to her graduate studies, Dr. Patno received a chemical engineering degree from Stanford University and worked as an engineer. She has personal experience and interest in preventive nutrition and nutritional therapies for chronic disease, and her current role involves researching and developing probiotics, prebiotics, and other nutritional programs for the promotion of digestive and overall health.
" Noelle Patno, PhD, is the Nutrition Scientist for Digestive Health at Metagenics. "


Covid's Valentine Dance Can Deepen Our Understanding Of...

February 14, 2021

This year, with COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in many parts of the country and world constraining most of our communications to video, phone calls, email and text, our interpersonal communication truly lacks the “fullness of interpersonal communication” that St. Pope John...