Book Review: “Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope and Love” by Trent Horn

By Thomas M. Loarie

In a world filled with skepticism and doubt, Trent Horn’s book, Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love,” shines as a beacon of clarity and conviction.

With eloquence and precision, Horn embarks on a journey through the fundamental aspects of the Catholic faith, offering compelling answers to the questions that both skeptics and seekers often pose. This book serves as a remarkable resource for Catholics looking to fortify their faith and a bridge for those seeking to understand the Catholic perspective.

Staff apologist for Catholic Answers sets solid groundwork

Trent Horn’s credentials as a Catholic apologist are impeccable, and his ability to articulate complex ideas in a relatable manner is evident throughout the book. As a staff apologist for Catholic Answers, Horn specializes in helping Catholics engage in respectful and persuasive conversations with those who may not share their beliefs. This expertise is skillfully translated into “Why We’re Catholic,” making it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to better understand and defend their Catholic faith.

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The book opens with a critical exploration of the concept of objective and subjective truth, setting the stage for the rest of the journey.

Horn astutely addresses the modern tendency to question the very idea of absolute truth, demonstrating the inherent contradiction in denying its existence. He distinguishes between subjective and objective truth, emphasizing that religious truths, including those of the Catholic Church, describe fundamental features of reality and are therefore objective. This foundational understanding forms the basis for the book’s exploration of various aspects of Catholicism.

Faith and Science

Horn delves into the relationship between faith and science, dispelling the myth that the Catholic Church is inherently opposed to scientific inquiry. He emphasizes that faith and science are not mutually exclusive but complementary, as they ICLE-Catholic Education resourcesboth provide valuable tools for exploring different aspects of reality. Horn’s thoughtful analysis encourages readers to appreciate the harmony between faith and reason.

One of the book’s strengths lies in its examination of the existence of God, presenting a compelling case for the necessity of an un-caused, infinite, and all-good Creator. Horn’s arguments are rooted in both philosophical reasoning and scientific evidence, providing a robust defense of the Catholic understanding of God.

Complex Theological Topics navigated with clarity

Throughout the book, Horn tackles complex theological topics, including the Trinity, the Resurrection, and the role of the Bible in Catholic faith. He navigates these subjects with clarity and precision, providing readers with the tools to understand and explain these central aspects of Catholicism.

Horn’s exploration of morality and destiny touches upon topics such as the sanctity of life, sexuality, and marriage, providing a clear moral framework rooted in Catholic teaching.

His compassionate and rational approach is a refreshing reminder of the depth and wisdom of Catholic moral theology.

Even sensitive topics addressed well

In “Why We Believe in Spite Of Scandal,” Horn addresses a difficult issue with sensitivity and grace, acknowledging the imperfections of individuals within the Church while highlighting the enduring truth and beauty of Catholicism.

He also provides a compelling defense of the concept of Purgatory, drawing from both Scripture and tradition.

Conclusion and Useful Catholic Prayers

The book concludes with a section on how to become Catholic and common Catholic prayers, making it a practical guide for those interested in exploring the Catholic faith more deeply or converting.

ICLE-resources for Catholic educators and Catholic students

Why We’re Catholic is a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the Catholic faith. It is a must-read for Catholics seeking a deeper understanding of their faith and for those outside the Catholic tradition who want to gain insight into the reasons behind Catholic beliefs.

Horn’s eloquence, depth of knowledge, and commitment to presenting the beauty of Catholicism shine through every page, making this book a valuable addition to the literature on Catholic apologetics.

Whether you are a lifelong Catholic or someone exploring faith for the first time, this book provides compelling reasons to embrace the Catholic tradition.


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