Christoph Nauer

Christoph Nauer is a certified business coach, helping business owners to increase their productivity, profits, and to improve their personal lives. He coaches business owners to work smarter, not longer, to nurture themselves and their relationships, AND to make more money with less stress. His coaching includes strategies and plans, including both financial and time management. With a comprehensive approach, Christoph works with his clients to set goals in six (6) categories. He knows well that attention to only one or two of these categories can lead to a work-life imbalance with negative consequences for all involved – yourself, your family, employees, clients, AND your bottom line. As Nauer puts it, "Keeping healthy work-life boundaries will help you stay off the hamster’s wheel. I check on performance regularly to hold you accountable. I also offer customized leadership training, team building, and employee retention on a long term basis." Christoph teaches his clients how to: delegate, "own"their schedule, get things done, have less stress, more time, more money, and longer vacations. A growing list of his happy clients experience a sense of control and empowerment in both business and life.
" Christoph Nauer is a Brian Tracy certified business coach and the founder of Balance6 "


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