Kailash Duraiswami

Kailash Duraiswami, a serious Catholic, is the co-founder in Fidei Technology, LLC, a technology company offering workspace products that compete with Microsoft and Google, only with well-anchored Catholic values. He joined the Catholic Church as an adult and has worked in a variety of software roles as a software engineer. Prior to co-founding Fidei, Kailash founded and sold a technology startup called Pantenix that specialized in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate manual data entry processes for financial services companies. In 2021, Pantenix was acquired by Omaha-based, full service financial software vendor Orion Advisor Solutions. He is on a mission to apply ethical and faith-aligned principles to advanced tech expertise in order to provide faith-driven business leaders, entrepreneurs, companies and nonprofits that put faith and ethics above profits alone.
" Co-founder of Fidei Technology LLC "


Changing Landscape In Tech Could Affect Your Bottom...

September 16, 2022

With all the news coverage around Roe v Wade Catholic business owners may have missed a change a few days earlier that affects their daily technology footprint costs. Google recently announced that it will now charge for basic technology needs...

Introducing New Sponsor: Fidei Technology, Inc.

September 14, 2022

In the words of co-founders Kailash and Michael—two serious Catholics... Fidei.email—We started Fidei to help Christians navigate the Internet intentionally by providing value-aligned software products and online services. Ultimately, we want to show that Christians can and should be at...