pray for preetha to be blessed with a child . she has done surgery and suffering physically and mentally for a baby .only your prayers can bring miracle in her life.thank u for all who pray for preetha.praise the lord. god bless you all


due to loss in business i and my family are tortured by greedy money lenders.pray god to prosper the business and pay all loans. thank u all who pray for us . god bless u . praise the lord

BOOK REVIEW: Idea of a University by Cardinal Newman

No man was ever better qualified to write such a book as The Life of a University than Cardinal Newman was. And the subject has never been more pressing than it is today. In this classic, Newman poses a number of important questions: What is the purpose of education? What does it mean to be educated? What is the role of a university? What is the relationship between learning and the life of a society? And where does Catholicism fit in? The issues Newman examined with incomparable insight continue to be relevant today, one hundred and fifty years after it was first published.

BOOK REVIEW: Parochial and Plain Sermons, by John Henry Cardinal Newman

Parochial and Plain Sermons by John Henry Cardinal Newman.  All eight volumes of Newman’s famous sermons are brought together in this new edition that is beautifully printed and bound on Bible paper with a flexible leatherette cover and red ribbon. Newman’s sermons are as powerful, fresh and challenging today as when he first gave them.…


Please pray for the “integration” of my interest in “Catholic Business Hour” with the glory of God and the good of my family. Pieces: – Catholic Business hour – Acton institute – Catholic Business Hour – St. Joseph – Caritas et Veritatis (encyclical) – practical day-to-day business stuff – my daily work. Thanks! God bless…