By Kailash Duraiswami

Changing Landscape in Tech could affect your bottom line… in ethics as well as dollars

September 16, 2022
Column: Technology and Faith

With all the news coverage around Roe v Wade Catholic business owners may have missed a change a few days earlier that affects their daily technology footprint costs. Google recently announced that it will now charge for basic technology needs that used to be offered free to businesses. According to the New York Times, “Google is charging some small businesses for email and other apps after more than a decade of free use.”

Now Catholic business owners must weigh options to pay for their backbone technology infrastructure. Fidei-Technology without moral compromise for your ogranization

This is actually a very good thing because now we will finally see competition in these markets where it was previously impossible for entrants to compete with a free offering from loss leaders like Google.

The Moral Implications

Now Catholic business owners must also consider the moral implications of who they use for their technology needs.

Now that dollars are going to be going into Google, we as Catholic business owners must question whether our money going in will help contribute towards moral anathema. Google announced in a memo shortly after the Supreme Court announcement that “it would provide travel benefits for employees seeking abortion care out of state.” Is this a remote cooperation with evil? Yes, but now that their services are no longer free it is an avoidable cooperation with evil. Microsoft is no exception as they too have affirmed “it would extend its abortion and gender affirming care services for employees in the United States to include travel expense assistance.” These are the two major players in the office software space for Catholic Business owners.

There IS a choice

Now Catholic business owners can choose to work with value-aligned software providers that will not imply cooperation with evil and will instead make efforts to support and celebrate the Catholic Church and her teachings in their brand and business decisions.

One example alternative is Fidei. Fidei provides the backbone of technology needs for businesses without moral compromise. Other companies will emerge in different sectors of the internet economy tackling these questions, but the time is now for Catholic business owners to separate from Big Tech.

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