Need Inspiration, Hope? March For Life 2023 in D.C. Delivers, Largest Human Rights March in History

Jan. 20, 2023—Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, pointed out an undeniable reality; namely, that the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.—now in its 50th year—is the largest human rights march in history.

But this year was different. 

For the first time in FIFTY YEARS, this annual march at our nation’s capitol took place post-Roe.  Many wondered how many would even show up for this or any other walk to remember and honor those babies not allowed to live—all of whom would be 50 years old or younger today.  (see time-marked video—for quick viewing—below)Catholic Investment Strategies -

No worries.  Those who embrace and value the lives of innocent, most vulnerable pre-born humans recognize that the fight to defend innocent human life is far from over.

The difference this year is that we move forward with even greater hope and trust — and focused energy — because we have seen how God answers prayers, in His time and His way.

Our job continues… to do the work to defend and protect innocent life in whatever way He calls us to do so—at home, at school, at work, in the office, in the board room, on the school playground or college campus. And to do so with prayer first. 

We at Catholic Business Journal strongly encourage you to watch all or part of the video below.  It is the well-organized, efficiently run March For Life Rally that preceded the annual march. All talks are short and to the point… and WOW!

All speakers were short, impactful… and inspiring!

Speakers—each with short, impactful remarks—include:  Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch whose brilliant work and calm perseverance triggered the reversal of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court;  remarkable former NFL Coach and current NFL commentator Tony Dungy and his wife Lauren—who together raised 11 children, three of their own and eight adopted; Jonathan Roumiestar of THE CHOSEN series.

Other speakers include Sr. Mary Casey with the Sisters of Life and her remarkable Special Olympiad twin sister; excellent and medicial professionals fact-revealing Dr. Christina Francis, M.D.,president-elect of AAPLOG; Summer Smith, a Liberty College student and pro-life coordinator Summer Smith whose huge smile and focused, positive energy for helping moms in need is motivated by learning at age 18 the pain of her mother who shared with Summer that she has an older sister who she’ll never get to meet in this life—a situation echoed by so many siblings over the past 50 years, and more.

See Time Markers below video:

Time Marks: (in case you want to fast-forward)  Every presentation is short & impactful.

1:08:04 – Speaker start (previous hour is band music)

1:10:25 – Tameka –  “I chose life”

1:13:00 – Jeanne Mancini, March For Life president, excellent, kind & short – “We will march until we make abortion unthinkable.”

1:14:00 – Prayer – Arlington, VA, Archbishop Burbidge and a host of Orthodox & Catholic bishops from around the world

1:22:00 – Hon. Lynn Fitch, Mississippi Attorney General who brought case to U.S. Supreme Court

1:42:00 – Rep. Treneé McGee (D-CT) – Democrat pro-life firebrand

1:46:00 – Tony Dungy, famed NFL Head Coach, NFL player, now NFL commentator, and his terrific wife Lauren

1:57:39 – Dr. Christina Francis, M.D., pres.-elect AAPLOG

2:00:50 – Summer Smith, enthusiastic, positive college student leader with a moving source of inspiration, an aborted older sister and her mom’s pain in making that decision years ago

2:04:00 – Gina Tomes – founder of Bethlehem House in Omaha – Strengthening safety net for pregnant women – Fantastic short talk, with eye-opening stats & resources that WORK – role model worthy of imitation in other parts of country!

2:10:22 – Sr. Mary Casey, Sisters of Life, with her twin sister, Casey, a Special Olympian – just gives you joy to watch

2:13:47 – Gianna Emanuela Molla, M.D., youngest daughter of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla – WOW!

2:17:57 – Jonathan Roumie – star of THE CHOSEN series, he plays the role of Jesus

2:42:00 – Rev. Franklin Graham – beautiful prayer






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