Time-marked March for Life D.C. Video

Here is the Time-marked video (for faster viewing) of fantastic speakers—all short, impactful remarks— at the 2023 March For Life in D.C.   See time marks below video.

Time Marks: (in case you want to fast-forward)  Every presentation is short & impactful.

1:08:04 – Speaker start (previous hour is band music)

1:10:25 – Tameka Walden –  “I chose life”

1:13:00 – Jeanne Mancini, March For Life president, excellent, kind & short – “We will march until we make abortion unthinkable.”

1:14:00 – Prayer – Arlington, VA, Archbishop Burbidge and a host of Orthodox & Catholic bishops from around the world

1:22:00 – Hon. Lynn Fitch, Mississippi Attorney General who brought case to U.S. Supreme Court

1:42:00 – Rep. Treneé McGee (D-CT) – Democrat pro-life firebrand

1:46:00 – Tony Dungy, famed NFL Head Coach, NFL player, now NFL commentator, and his terrific wife Lauren

1:57:39 – Dr. Christina Francis, M.D., pres.-elect AAPLOG

2:00:50 – Summer Smith, enthusiastic, positive college student leader with a moving source of inspiration, an aborted older sister and her mom’s pain in making that decision years ago

2:04:00 – Gina Tomes – founder of Bethlehem House in Omaha – Strengthening safety net for pregnant women – Fantastic short talk, with eye-opening stats & resources that WORK – role model worthy of imitation in other parts of country!

2:10:22 – Sr. Mary Casey, Sisters of Life, with her twin sister, Casey, a Special Olympian – just gives you joy to watch

2:13:47 – Gianna Emanuela Molla, M.D., youngest daughter of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla – WOW!

2:17:57 – Jonathan Roumie – star of THE CHOSEN series, he plays the role of Jesus

2:42:00 – Rev. Franklin Graham – beautiful prayer





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