Small Graces Can Lead to Abundant Blessings

By Elizabeth Anderson

“In the end, the only memorable stories, like the only memorable experiences, are religious and moral.  They give men the heart to suffer the ordeal of a life that perpetually rends them between its beauty and its terror.” ∼ Whittaker Chambers, Witness

Evil loves the spotlight. It is exceedingly easy to perceive the chain reaction started with evil: abuse perpetuating abuse, bitterness to bitterness, death to death. For this reason it is easier to count those killed by Nazis, or Communists, than to count those encouraged to holiness by Maximilian Kolbe. Likewise, it seems that only when a marriage falls apart do we see how many are touched by that marriage, rather than recognizing all along how many benefit from a strong and holy marriage. Every once in a while, though, we can catch a glimpse of the thread stronger than death, linking us together, revealing the debt of gratitude to those who began our battles for us and…Read More>>

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