Please pray for Michael and Michelle to reunite and renew our wedding vows.miracle needed,children are sad.

Michelle Gabrielle

Dear brothers in Christ. This year I was thrown in jail overnight, locked up in a looney hospital due to the wrong meds. Husb left me took kids to his moms away from me, lost custody lost 18,000 to a greedy lawyer who withdrew in the middle of a custody case, totalled my car and…


yes he cried when he had to go back to his grandmas house and couldnt be with mommy, hes only five. we all miss eachother and my x husband doesnt have a heart anymore and is taking antidepressant medication. We all need a healing and Gods angels to protect us from all evil.

Norma – Jose

I would like to thank you dear Lord God, Blessed Mother, Angels, Saints, & All the prayer warriors who prayed for my husband to be able to get a better vehicle which we could afford & for our finances. My husband received his vehicle Monday afternoon & a few hours later was told that instead…

jose perez

They just told my husband that he was being considered for a Mgr of sys. position. He told them he did not know much about that sort of stuff. They told him that they could get someone to help him until he got the hang of it. He told me that they did not mention…