Ohio mother switches child from public to Catholic school: She’s not alone

An Ohio mother said Monday that she made a “judgment call” in switching her daughter from public to Catholic school, after coronavirus restrictions made it impossible to virtually teach her children and work her job at the same time.

She’s not alone... read more / watch short news video >>

Contrary to the National Catholic Education Association’s report on declining enrollment, many are flocking to Catholic schools during the pandemic.. read more / watch short news video >>

The most interesting comment on the abve-linked article comes from “Sasha21038” yesterday:

“I went to Catholic school years ago and it definitely didn’t have alot of things public school had. My husband and I agreed we would send our kids to public. The oldest got to middle school and said “I want out”. This was really hard since we just got a bigger house etc. I took money out of our 401K and did everything I could so she could go there. Then we sent the next one there, as well. We drove an old car and sacrificed. I now tell my daughter it was the best decision that she made, and I am glad I listened. She was not a top student in public. She ended up getting into a great school on a full scholarship. We paid nothing for her college. Catholic schools have come a long way and the values and discipline they teach, take our kids a long way. I later taught in public schools, and was shell shocked at what is covered up and what goes on.”


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