Obama-Biden Admin Paid $2,000 Per Aborted Baby Part for Research, $12,000 for Box of Aborted Baby Parts

By Micaiah Bilger

LifeSite News—American taxpayers are being forced to fund unethical scientific experiments using fingers, scalps, livers and other organs harvested from aborted babies.

New details about the disturbing practice of harvesting aborted baby body parts for scientific research and how American taxpayers are being forced to pay for them were published earlier this month at Judicial Watch. The watchdog organization released nearly 600 pages of government records that it obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request pertaining to these unethical practices.

One experiment funded under the Obama-Biden administration paid approximately $2,000 per aborted baby for an experiment creating “humanized mice,” according to The Federalist.

The details of experiment were outlined in an email exchange dated Sept. 27, 2012, between U.S. Food and Drug Administration veterinary medical official Dr. Kristina Howard and Advanced Bioscience Resources procurement manager Perrin Larton.

Advanced Bioscience Resources is a human tissue procurement group that harvests aborted baby body parts in partnership with Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.

In the email, Howard submitted a request to Larton for “one set of… read more>>

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