Quick Find: MASS, ADORATION, Spiritual Resources online – Exceptional List

The following is a very short list of exceptional online resources for virtually attending Holy Mass and for virtually participating in Eucharist Adoration. 

HOLY MASS  (For Eucharistic Adoration, scroll down)

    • To see other wonderful spiritual resources , scroll below to “Related Resources”
  • St. Dominic’s in San Francisco, where National Shrine of St. Jude resides
  • EWTN: on TV
    • Sunday and Daily Masses — Check your local EWTN channel for time(s)
    • For main site and other resources: http://www.ewtn.com






Our perspective:   We at Catholic Business Journal ultimately favor “simulcast” or “livestream” over watching a replay because the Consecration of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ is actually happening in real time as you view from home.  All of the references above are “livestream,” including Adoration webcam sites.

We also prefer camera positioning that focuses as much as possible on what is happening at the altar, up close—especially during the Consecration, readings, sermon, and meditation—as though you are right there.  We found frequent camera wide-angle panning and close-ups of the congregation members to be distracting and less conducive to putting oneself in the presence of Christ.

And if beautiful sacred music is included—the kind not often found at local parish Masses—it sometimes took our breath away and always enhanced the prayer and meditation.

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