By Thomas M. Loarie

Spirituality at the Intersection of a Career Transition and the Discernment of One’s Purpose

August 20, 2021
Column: CEO Learnings

A Review of Joe Murphy’s Spiritual Lifeboat.

I was introduced to author Joe Murphy by Mary Jo Potter, the former Dignity Health Board Chair and a recent guest on my radio show, THE MENTORS RADIO. Mary Jo suggested we meet due to my work over 20 years helping more than 6,000 professionals navigate their career transition through a parish ministry that is open to all comers, regardless of faith tradition. She figured that my background would sync with Joe’s professional career in outplacement coaching.

It was a great meeting!

Joe has been a career advisor and executive coach since 1991. He was a member of Right Management Consultants (Right), the world’s largest Human Resource Consulting firm in Cupertino, California, for 10 years. He then transitioned to private practice, specializing in career coaching.

Since leaving Right, Murphy has coached hundreds of clients, including managers and executives from many Fortune 500 companies.

Joe’s realization of the need to bring the spiritual side into our daily career challenges with his book, Spiritual Lifeboat, is a great contribution to the hard—and what can be lonely—work of transition.

In his work, Joe felt a very important element was missing in his work with clients; namely, an understanding of how God’s grace can guide us through any career challenge we face, including a career transition.Book Review-Spiritual Lifeboat-about career transition-on Catholic Business Journal

He recognized that God does care what we do.  Murphy further recognized that having an attitude of ‘servanthood’ will help us get on the path that He intended for us, one in which we will find genuine success and happiness.

Drawing on the Bible, which is a treasure chest of guidance and support, Joe wrote Spiritual Lifeboat for us to use when we are facing challenges in life.

In Spiritual Lifeboat, Joe Murphy provides a 66-day journey of meditations using biblical quotes, followed by notes on how these can be applied to our every day life.  One day at a time.  It’s very powerful and has helped many, many people through some very touch

Joe’s distinctive style of helping people find their life’s purpose and calling him is captured in this following meditation:

Day 34

The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He Cares for Those Who Trust in Him. – Nahum 1,7

The Lord can be a great friend every day if we want Him to be. He is always available when we call, to be with us to share our joy as well as our pain. He Is pleased when we want Him near us, especially during the ordinary times when we are not asking for anything. Then He sees that we are longing for a relationship with Him just for the sake of the exchange between us.

He is our great mentor and teacher, but He can also be just a wonderful presence.By striving to keep our awareness of the Lord a priority, we please Him. This awareness also allows Him to use us in more and more situations throughout the day. Then we reap the rewards of being His servants.Lord, let me think of You and feel your nearness all of today.

Joe’s realization of the need to bring the spiritual side into our daily career challenges with his “Spiritual Lifeboat” is a great contribution to the hard and what can be lonely work of transition.



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