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By CBJ editors

Our mission at the Catholic Business Journal is to help transform the business world for Christ. It’s an audacious, bold mission. But we don’t do it alone, nor could we.

Our reach has grown over the years and today readers are located in every state in the U.S., and throughout the world—including Canada, Rome, Philippines, France, Poland, England, Ireland, Scotland, China, parts of Africa, Australia, South America, Mexico and even New Zealand.

You may not know this, but we produce more than an online magazine dedicated to fostering, encouraging and modeling the integration of faith and ethics in the workplace—from boardrooms to the trenches. The Catholic Business Journal also produces radio shows (on air and available as podcasts), Catholic Business Newswire (currently undergoing an upgrade), and more.

Our flagship radio program airs weekly on select stations in the huge Salem Media Network and, after airing, as podcasts— THE MENTORS RADIO SHOW, featuring three remarkable CEO hosts who deliver in-depth interviews and engaging, first-hand, real-world stories and learnings from other remarkable business leaders.

It’s like a byte-sized, ongoing, inspiring real-world, practical MBA course.

On The Mentors Radio Show, discussions about careers, habits, business growth, challenges, ethical decisions, principles and examples inspire and motivate listeners.

Catholic Business Journal also produced and fully owns another radio show, now available as podcasts – THE CATHOLIC BUSINESS HOUR – that aired for eight years on EWTN, with host Dick Lyles, and which will soon be fully available as a podcast.

Lead by example

We aim to inspire Catholic business professionals to lead by example and if necessary to use words, as one saint put it.  That’s why we nurture, applaud and showcase living examples of such principled business leadership in our Catholic Business Profiles, in articles, and on our radio shows!

Please help us to help you better

There are THREE immediate ways to help us help you better. 

Wishing you and your colleagues and loved ones a blessed Advent!



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