The Link Between Atheists, Agnostics and Mass Shooters

By Ken Lambert

After two more horrific, senseless and random killing sprees worldwide — one in New Zealand and the other in the Netherlands — the media and the world once again ask the questions, “Who is doing this?” and “How can we prevent it?”

Just recently, in New Zealand, a self-proclaimed “eco-fascist” murdered 50 Muslims attending a mosque service. This man appeared to have no religious leanings or beliefs.

A couple days later, a Muslim man from Turkey killed three people and injured several others in the Netherlands — an attack seemingly random in nature.

The following article is an excellent synopsis on the religious/spiritual beliefs of these mass shooters. It is an article from 2018, authored by John Lott:

The facts

The facts are as follows:

  • There have been 69 “mass” shootings since 1998 in the U.S.
  • Only about 16% of which were from people who had a current, significant religious worldview/belief structure
  • Out of that small 16% majority, a little over half were Muslim
  • If my math is correct, only about 6% of the mass killers were Christian

Looking at the facts, what trait by itself correlates to NOT being a mass shooter? I would say, being a Christian.
Following Christ, actively, means that the person is well aware of how and why murder is a heinous sin. Generally, Christians value all human life.

The statistical facts goes much deeper

An overwhelming 84% of the murderers were atheist or agnostic. They had no religion at all. None!

Most religions believe that murder is a crime and a sin, and is to be avoided nearly at all costs. Islam also claims that murder is a sin, but it does seem to have several exceptions that would make murder valid. One could make similar arguments with Christianity or other faiths, but in general, if one is religious and believes in a higher calling or Spirit, they know that killing another is gruesomely wrong.

Thus the media and politicians should be broadcasting this fact loud and clear—across the globe: The best and most proven way to avoid being a mass shooter is to live some kind of a religious life. Have religion, church and faith in your heart and in your life. If you believe in nothing greater than man, or greater than the earth, then you are more likely to perpetrate these terrible and fatal crimes.

Major news outlets need to tell the facts, not confuse the issue

But, is any news outlet stating this truth about 85% of mass murderers being atheist or agnostic? I have not heard it. But I have heard for hours and hours, days and weeks about racism, mental illness and gun control. These secondary topics are still relevant to discuss and they have a place in a reasonable discussion about prevention, but they are far less significant than the fact about religion.

Most media outlets despise religion and church (especially Christianity), so most likely the stories will continue about issues that have little to do with real facts about mass murders and the horrific outcomes. What does that serve?


Ken Lambert has been heavily involved in construction, sales, real estate, and as an advocate for mental health for more than 25 years. He holds a U.S. Patent for a type of loan software program, and is an established writer, consultant and speaker in several fields. He has written for both secular and religious publishers, including a book he co-wrote entitled Top Ten Most Influential Christians since the Apostles.

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