By Gregory N. Weiler

A Kiss and a Wave

May 29, 2023
Column: Life, Truth & Justice

There are times when you observe things that simply take you aback; knock you for a loop. Actions or occurrences in our everyday lives that hit a nerve; sometimes for the good, like a gratuitous kindness, and sometimes for the bad, like palpable selfishness.

These lived reminders are usually stark memorable and instructive – they stick with you. A-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words or actions-speak-louder-than-words types of lessons.

A great movie can sometimes be that way.

Maybe “transformative” is a little overdramatic in describing such things but “thought provoking” is not quite descriptive enough.

In church

For me, this type of experience took place in church, of all places! Church, that place of hushed silence, reverence and steady devotion. ICLE-Catholic Education resources

No, my experience was not a fabulous revelatory homily by a dynamic priest or even a beautiful reverent consecration during Holy Mass.

We are blessed in our local parish to have fixed hours of Eucharistic adoration early each morning before weekday Mass. These hours of Eucharistic Exposition are well attended by early risers, mostly by the same folks, workers making a quick visit, retired folks and a mix of other faithful, diverse in everything but devotion to Jesus.

Faith in the “Real Presence” is not an issue for 5 AM adorers.

These hours of Exposition are full of comings and goings, genuflections, silent prayer and kneeling devotion. All kinds of reverence for the King of kings.

But last week was different.

A kiss and a wave

Last week a young woman was departing the church during Exposition from the side nave, facing the Altar and Monstrance, in a inconspicuous spot where few could see her. I was one of those who could see her depart and noticed that as she was nearly out the door she backed up a few steps—her eyes fixed on monstrance—then she put her hand to her mouth and blew a kiss to Our Lord in the Sacred Host and gave a little wave goodbye to Our Lord, genuflected and departed.

That simple, unique exit really struck me.

Her kiss and wave goodbye were tender; those of mother and child, of lovers, seemingly indicative of deep relationship and affection. They conveyed the intimate, personal relationship I want with Our Lord.

I just seemed as thought this young women, whose name I later learned was Jill, would have given Jesus a big hug if it were possible. I later observed that just a few minutes after leaving Exposition, she returned for early morning Mass and embraced Jesus par excellence in receiving Holy Communion.

A Kiss and a Wave

Of course we cannot judge qualitatively the relationship each of us has with Our Lord, and being but flesh and spirit, our “feelings” can vary from one day to the next. But that said, we can appreciate and emulate the outward signs of sincere devotion. And, we can pray to have an ever-increasing intimacy with Jesus (whether we “feel” it or not). To be honest, I also wouldn’t mind a lot more waving and kissing directed to Our Lord, not to mention a crowded chapel of early morning adorers!

Consider this experience as humble encouragement to visit Our Lord in the Tabernacle and in Exposition any opportunity you can find, regardless of all the excuses that might arise at the time.

Never will He be outdone in repaying our efforts with lavish generosity. Always He waits for us, like the father of the prodigal son in scripture He waits with eagerness and fully embraces our little visits and efforts to nurture a deeper relationship.

A Kiss and a Wave

Gregory N. Weiler, Esq. is a founding board member of the St. Thomas More Society in Orange County, CA, a Fourth Degree member of the Knights... MORE »

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