By David G. Bjornstrom

Vaccine Mandates versus Natural Immunity or Testing

September 27, 2021
Column: Catching Air
We keep reading about new Covid vaccine mandates imposed by governments, employers, educational institutions and entertainment venues. They make no exception for people who have already had the disease, despite numerous studies showing that natural immunity from having the disease is better protection than the vaccine.

What about natural immunity?

Isn’t natural immunity something we all pretty much knew from the start? Remember all the talk about herd immunity where enough people get a disease (with its natural immunity) so that the disease no longer spreads?
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported back in January that natural infection induces a strong, lasting immunity response that the vaccines can only hope to match.
It would seem that the government and news media have tricked us into forgetting natural immunity. Yet, there was never any reason to doubt it.
We know, for example, that if we get the flu, we develop a natural immunity that will keep us from getting it again that year.
Natural immunity seems to last a lifetime for other diseases such as measles or chicken pox. None of us thinks we should get a measles vaccine if we already had measles as a child.

A critical issue

This is no small issue when more than 42 million Americans have already had Covid and therefore do not need the vaccine. It is clear medical malpractice to mandate unnecessary vaccinations for those 42 million people.
It is manifestly unfair for vaccine mandates to ostracize a person who has natural Covid immunity while giving access to a vaccinated person who has lesser immunity.
Many vaccine mandates also refuse exceptions for unvaccinated people who can prove they are not sick by a negative Covid test. This, despite the fact that an unvaccinated person with a negative test is much less of a “health risk” than an untested vaccinated person who may in fact have a “breakthrough” Covid case.
Refusal to accept a negative Covid test discriminates against a person who can prove he or she is healthy, in favor of a vaccinated person who may be sick without knowing it.
We know the Covid vaccines are less than 100% effective; they wear off after a few months, and we know that vaccinated people who get Covid can be carriers.
On the other hand, unvaccinated people who test negative for Covid are proven to be not sick and not carriers.

People are starting to wake up

Thankfully, people are starting to wake up to the absurdity of this.
Several universities, police departments and other large employers have been sued now by employees required to submit to the vaccine despite already having had Covid with its resulting natural immunity.
More lawsuits are in the pipeline, including cases where proof of vaccination is required without the option of being tested.

Consider a rational approach…

What if we take this to the next logical step… Vaccinated people without natural immunity or a Covid test are more “dangerous” than unvaccinated people with natural immunity.  And, vaccinated people without natural immunity or a Covid test are more “dangerous” than unvaccinated people with a negative Covid test.
If we are going to ostracize all of the unvaccinated people, surely we must also ostracize all of the vaccinated people who have not had the disease or been tested? Back to mass shutdowns???
Or, if this really is about public health, we could try a more rational approach, one more consistent with the freedoms we all cherish, like simply asking anyone who is sick to stay home.

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