Let’s get out of the labyrinth: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s Letter #132

On October 9, 2021, Archbishop Viganò spoke to thousands of Italians protesting in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo against the introduction of a “green pass” throughout Italy. His talk was broadcast on large video screens in the Piazza. October 9 is the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar (considered the first apparition of Mary, to the Apostle James in Spain in 40 A.D.), of Our Lady of Aparecida, and of Blessed Carlo Acutis of Italy.

Here is a link to a YouTube video of the address, in Italian. (With the English translation.)


    By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

    October 9, 2021

    Dear friends,

    You have gathered on this day in Piazza del Popolo and in many other Italian squares as hundreds of thousands of people around the world manifest their opposition against the establishment of a global tyranny.

    Millions of citizens of every nation, in the deafening silence of the media for months have been shouting their no; no to pandemic madness, no lockdowns, no curfews, no imposition of vaccinations, no health passports, no blackmail of a totalitarian power enslaved by the elites.

    Almost two years have passed since the beginning of this global nightmare, we have entered a labyrinth, step by step.

    At first it was the masks indoors, then came the lockdowns with the self-certifications, then the curfew.

    Do you remember?

    Each time, faced with an abuse that might seem justified by the emergency, we accepted to have a piece of freedom stolen.

    Step by step they prevented us from going to church, leaving the house, working, going to school, visiting loved ones, and even dying relatives in hospital.

    Step by step.

    At a certain time of the evening in our streets we saw only the drivers for the deliveries of Amazon and Just Eat; new victims of the GREAT RESET. New slaves of the system together with many small entrepreneurs, owners of shops, bars and restaurants, floored by absurd, illegitimate and counterproductive rules. Not to mention the psychological breakdown that has affected many of us. From the youngest to the oldest, some deprived of any social contact, the other inmates in the care homes without care, condemned to die by a ministerial protocol.

    Step by step we got used to the idea that a technical-scientific committee could decide – so at least we were told – that the virus circulated only after 6 pm, that it was caught by standing and not sitting customers in bars, that it infected in churches or in museums but not on commuter trains or buses full of students.

    Step by step they made us believe that a seasonal flu like any other coronavirus could kill thousands of people without however telling us that general practitioners and hospital wards had been forbidden to administering treatment while waiting for the disease to worsen.

    They did not tell us that Covid on the recommendation of the health authority was to be treated as a lung disease, while it was originally circulatory.

    They did not tell us that autopsies had been prohibited and that the corpses were cremated to prevent discovering the causes of the disease and understanding how to cure it, but in the meantime they showed us General Figliuolo’s military trucks loaded with corpses and were careful not to explain that those trucks contained a few coffins, accumulated in Bergamo after a period in which the funeral home had been prevented from collecting the bodies and organizing funerals.

    But what impact on the entire population confined at home in front of the television hypnotized by media terrorism scientifically planned according to the most cynical principles of propaganda. Think of the elderly far from their loved ones, deprived of any comfort, even spiritual.

    Access was also forbidden to priests to administer the last rites.

    Elderly people forced to undergo this daily hammering to see their bed neighbor die, to witness the desperation of people even more lonely than them.

    Today we discover that the administration of Propofol an anesthetic used to induce pharmacological coma was not only practiced by the Montichiari head physician arrested for voluntary homicide but was common practice in all hospitals as confirmed in an interview by the President of Primaries and as Dr. Scoglio reported. (link)

    In practice, they are telling us with the utmost tranquility, that last year the seriously ill of Covid before being intubated were sedated with Propofol, in the knowledge that this would have caused their death.

    And they tell us so brazenly because they are evidently convinced that none of us will have anything to object, that no magistrate will open a file, that no journalist will denounce this latest scandal, or that no politician will dare to criticize the prime minister or the minister of health.

    Step by step we have come to be forced to not lose our job and to be able to carry out normal activities to present a document, the Green Pass which certifies the state of health of contagious and contagious vaccinates and the negatives to swabs which are substantially unreliable, because as you know the vaccine does not protect against contagion and the swabs do not guarantee that the result corresponds to reality.

    For what?

    For a flu that could be cured and that in many cases has been cured with documented success – where they let it be cured – but that had to be incurable in order to legitimize the testing of vaccines in derogation from ordinary rules.

    And always in these days, days when the truth seems to come more and more to light, we learn from the statements of some doctors that the tests, on the basis of which they confined us at home or forced us to ridiculous and exhausting quarantines; the swabs that they imposed on us to detect positive cases to use for the famous expert statistics, are unreliable. And they tell us today with impunity after having ruined the social fabric of the economy, the psycho-physical balance of an entire nation.

    But if those tests are not needed today, they weren’t even needed yesterday, and not only the conspiracy theorists but their own inventors said so, stating that they had no diagnostic use.

    But from today swabs need to be de-legitimized because they are the only alternative, albeit expensive in the inoculation of the experimental gene serum, magically they are no longer reliable – whereas before they were by LAW.

    A bit like Covid after 6 pm.

    I mentioned a little while ago about the labyrinth into which we entered. More precisely, a labyrinth in which we found ourselves following those who promised us to get out, knowing full well that it has no exit. With every step we have taken, entering the maze of this labyrinth, we have strayed and lost.



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