The Mentors Radio Show in Greater SF Bay Area moves to new time slot!

The Mentors Radio, a popular and unique business & ethics radio show now in its Fourth Year, has a new time slot on AM860 The Answer in the San Francisco Bay Area, now airing at 1:00 pm every Saturday.  Produced by the Catholic Business Journal, the radio show and radio podcast features three remarkable and successful Catholic CEOs—Tom Loarie, Ric Brutocao, and John Phillips—and their outstanding, ethical and business-savvy guests,

Airing on the enormous, strong Salem Media Network, the AM860 station reach extends beyond the nine counties in and surrounding the SF Bay Area, including Santa Clara, Napa, San Francisco, Marin, Alameda and Contra Costa and more. 

Guests on The Mentors Radio include Dan Hesse, the remarkable corporate leader responsible for turning around Sprint from the brink of bankruptcy years ago; Horst Schulze, founder of the Ritz Carlton; Bob Verdin, co-owner of a 6-generation, 175-year-old clock and bell tower company whose work includes repairing a bell originally cast by Paul Revere: bank president Jim Tecca; internationally renown yet humble business advisor to many of the top brands in the world such as Amazon and others, Ram Charan, to name just a few. 

With the challenges—good and bad depending on which industry—of coronavirus shutdowns, recent episodes have focused on in-depth interviews with career coaches, job resources and business leaders who have endured extremely difficult times in the past.

On every episode, listeners gain first-hand, hard-won business and ethical insights, effective leadership and business principles, various industry-specific challenges and solutions that can be applied to another industry as well, and so much more. 

One very unique component, and one reason for its popularity, is that The Mentors Radio leads by example.  It “shows” rather than “tells.”

The hand-chosen hosts and guests of The Mentors Radio are themselves master mentors and leaders. The Mentors Radio Show in Greater SF Bay Area moves to new time slot!

Everything on this radio show and radio podcast comes from the real world of business — the success, the failures, the lessons learned, the path and journey to finding genuine happiness, a sense of fulfillment and focus on what matters most, regardless of what level a listener may be—just beginning, pivoting to a new career, or a seasoned C-suite executive or owner.  There’s always more to learn, to be.  

Business is about far more than “money” alone!  It’s about people and doing the right thing, always. 

“I think what you guys are doing is incredible!” says Tim Strader, head of Starpoint Ventures, a real estate investment firm in southern CA. “It’s very professional and I think you’re really onto something here. It’s real-world mentoring. I taught for eight years at the University of California Irvine. I had 30 people in class. These were second year graduate MBA students getting ready to go out into the market place.

Strader continues, talking about his MBA students, “They were thirsting for real life, first-hand experience and insights rather than more academic strategies. They wanted real-world examples they could relate to, versus economic theory. What you are doing on the show is a tremendous asset for those who want to succeed in business, and life.”

Another listener and guest on the show wrote,  “Just wanted to let you know that we recently hired a great new employee who called our start-up company to apply for a job after she heard one of our co-founders interviewed on the show. WOW! Your listeners are really engaged! Keep up the good work and interviews!”

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