Religious Freedom is Good Business for All

By Karen A. Walker

Recent developments at the United Nations underscore the truth that religious freedom is not the preference of one religion over another.  It is not the random, personal preference of one government leader or party, nor of one political approach to problem-solving over another.  Not at all.  It is, rather, at the core of creating a governing environment that fosters genuine respect for the dignity and respect for each individual human person.

Put another way, religious freedom is good business for all, regardless of which (or any) religion each person embraces.  Because this is a key component of the founding documents of the Unites States of America, it immediately sets this nation apart from most others that currently exist and that have ever existed throughout history.

What does religion have to do with business?

To answer the question, nothing… and everything. 

Your faith principles–the ones that guide your everyday decisions and choices–these determine what path down which you will lead your company, division, volunteer organization, and, most importantly, yourself. It affects the vision and dynamics of your business culture; and of course the formation of your children.

Which employees will you hire? Which, if any, corporate principles will you adhere to and instill in your employees? What will your company or division culture be like: Will it be a culture of trust and respect, ethical treatment of employees and clients? Or, not?

Ethically-driven companies outperform other companies by a ratio of 8:1. 

You just can’t beat the TRUST factor.  Business, deals, achievements, sales, referrals all happen faster when there is mutual trust, when you are able to be true to your principles and true to your word.

Religious freedom — the freedom to act according to principles of ethical behaviour formed and developed by faith — and not to be shunned, boycotted, hunted down by the state or federal government for such issues as supporting pro-life activities or increasing access to family counseling or enduring hefty fines for refusing to pay for transgender operations or sterilization… This freedom of religion is critical for good business.

Trump’s U.N. remarks underscore the truth about religious freedom

DALLAS — Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes, issues the following statement applauding President Trump’s remarks on religious freedom Monday ahead of the annual United Nations General Assembly:

“I celebrate President Trump’s call before the United Nations to protect religious freedom and thank him for drawing the attention of the world to the most fundamental of freedoms. As the president noted, nearly 80% of the world does not enjoy full religious freedom, and too many faithful worshippers fear losing their jobs, place in the community or their very lives. The United States has experienced unparalleled peace and prosperity in part because religious freedom, a right bestowed by God not government, forms a cornerstone of our republic. I implore the world to join the U.S. in doing more to protect the fundamental right of all people to worship as they personally choose.”

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