What’s happening in China? St. Francis Xavier, First-hand Images, Communist Oppression…. and a little HOPE

By K. A. Walker

A quick glimpse at what’s happening in China now. As we cull this news, I wonder how many Chinese know of St. Francis Xavier, the JesuitWhat's happening in China? St. Francis Xavier, First-hand Images, Communist Oppression.... and a little HOPE sent as a missionary to the Far East by St. Ignatius himself (the founder of the Jesuit order).

“Go set all on fire”

Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552), whose Feast Day is December 3, became one of the greatest missionaries after the Apostle St. Paul.  I wonder in what ways he is still helping his beloved China from Heaven….

The last words St. Ignatius of Loyola said to St. Francis Xavier before he was sent as the greatest missionary after St. Paul were: “GO SET ALL ON FIRE!”

Meanwhile, here are THREE  important first-hand glimpses into realities in China right now.

First-hand BBC report from Shanghai:

From Germany DW — A VERY INTERESTING exchange—

In English.Three panelists from three different, seasoned areas of expertise discuss   fundamental issues in China, especially against the backdrop of Xi Jinping’s recent re-confirmation as head of China, zero policy lockdown, massive surveillence, inter-dependancy of Western nations, individual freedoms, jobs and willingness to risk-it-all to participate in enormous protests. (26 min):

And a Little HOPE..

Saving widows in China and the refreshing work of Reggie Littlejohn’s Women Without Frontiers (St. Francis Xavier would definitely approve!):


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