Win at Goal Setting in 2023: Five Tips for ACHIEVING Your Goals

By Karen A. Walker

First, we make habits, then they make us,” observed a number of famous poets and authors through the ages (too many to mention and each in their own phrasing). Here are five (5) sure-fire ways to improve the odds of truly achieving your 2023 goals:

1. BE SPECIFIC.  You won’t know if you achieve a goal unless you make that goal specific; as specific as possible.  Include WHAT in detail that you want to achieve and in what TIME frame.

For example: “I will lose weight this year” is not sufficiently specific.  How many pounds or inches do I want to lose this year? By what date?

“I will lose 30 pounds by November 30, 2023” is specific..

2. MEASURABLE.  Make sure each goal you set is EASILY measurable, so you can track your Catholic CPA for you -progress and adjust as necessary.  The more specific and EASILY measureable your goal, the more likely you will succeed in accomplishing it!

For example, “I will lose 30 pounds by November 30, 2023” is measurable.

But even better, “I will lose 30 pounds by November 30, 2023, by losing 3 pounds a month, following Weight Watchers program, beginning January 2023.”  That’s specific!!  You can easily track your achievement.

3. REALISTIC.  Again, we won’t achieve any goal that is not realistic. 

For example, perhaps you decided that “I want to make $500,000 profit in 2023, by increasing production and improving sales to earn a profit of $41,667 per month.”   That is nice and specific.  However, if you are currently profitting $5,000 a month, you will need to evaluate—in detail—how you can ramp that monthly profit up to $41,667. That’s a huge increase per month!  Mostly likely, it is an UNrealistic goal.

Another example, “I will lose 30 pounds by February 1, 2023.”  YIKES!  You would have to lose one pound every day! That is not realistic at all!!

Changing that goal to “I will lose 30 pounds by November 30, 2023, by losing 3 pounds a month, following Weight Watchers, beginning January 2023” is realistic.  It IS possible to lose 3 pounds a month following Weight Watchers or by joining Team in Training, or by some other plan.

4. YOUR GOALS ONLY.  Each of your goals—whether you have one goal or 10 goals—must be YOUR goals, not someone else’s goals.  YOU have to want to achieve each goal. Otherwise, what’s the point of setting a goal?

For example, if you are at your perfect weight, or happy with your weight, why make a goal to lose 30 pounds by November 30?  Or if you don’t know how to swim and do not want to learn, why make a goal to learn how to swim by June? If you set a mountain climbing goal, or a business goal, but you don’t really care about these goals, then forget it.  Make sure YOU want to achieve the goal(s) you write down. Each goal must be specific and realistic for you.

KML-PC, a Catholic CPA team

5. WRITE IT DOWN. Yes, really. WRITE EACH GOAL! Weirdly, when you WRITE each goal — specific, measurable, realistic and with a time limit — your chances of actually achieving each goal radically increases! This has been proven in countless testings and experiments, and has been advised for eons. In a nutshell, just do it. Write down your goal(s).

That’s it!  Just five simple tips guaranteed to yield significant success and achievement.

Five simple tips for achieving your goals in 2023. You and I will succeed at achieving each of our goals if we but follow these simple steps as we think through our goals at the beginning of this year.

I have begun…. have you?


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