Three Fundamental Laws of Success in Financial Management

By Matthew Garrett

For those struggling entrepreneurs whose abundant talents and passion don’t include much, if any, financial background, here is a Forbes article that delivers a clear, simple strategy for financial success. As simple as it gets! -ed. 

Everyone knows how to be healthy:  Eat Right, Exercise, and maintain positive mental health (sleep, stress, etc.).  Very few people know the three keys to financial success, but they are equally as simple, and, after you read them, they will be perfectly obvious.

There are three things required for financial success.  It does not matter if you are an individual, a family, a business, a non-profit, or a government, there are only three things you need to be a financial success.  Best of all, they are simple.

  1. Make more money than you spend
  2. Invest the difference
  3. Understand where you are and where the money is going

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