Judie Brown of American Life League succinctly NAILS IT regarding today’s culture, media reports and 115 aborted babies found in D.C.

“The tragedy of the bodies of 115 babies being found at an abortuary in Washington, DC, is that, as with most news coverage, the individuals who were slaughtered never make the headlines. News reports, if you can find them, say things such as “115 Aborted Fetuses Allegedly Intercepted by Anti-Abortion Activists” or “Lauren Handy Claims to Have Actually Had 115 Fetuses.” Such headlines cast doubt on the actual event itself and never say the word “baby”!

“And that is the problem,” says Judie Brown, co-founder and president of American Life League. “The culture is drowning in political correctness and disdain for the little boys and girls who, if left to flourish, would be born and might one day help turn this bloodthirsty nation back to truth.

She continues:  “An appreciation for the human person is so lacking that it is spilling over into classrooms where violence takes place, into the public square where being civil has become an art form, and even into the way we care for—or fail to care for—our elderly.”

“What a shame that the media is, once again, being blasé about 115 murders, but overwrought with who didn’t win an Oscar. If that isn’t the height of evil, I do not know what is,” concludes Brown.


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