JPII Life Center Launches Two Advisory Boards Award-winning neurosurgeon and distinguished CEO among newest members

Dr. Ben Carson, M.D. world renowned neurosurgeon and co-founder of the American Cornerstone Institute and the Institute’s CEO, Andrew Hughes, today became the two newest members of Austin, Texas-based John Paul II Life Center’s Advisory Boards. They join a distinguished group of individuals from across America as members.

“We are blessed to have amazing leading women and men who have joined the JPII Life Center Advisory Boards to collaborate amongst each other to enhance the dignity of the human person including the unborn,” lauds Tim Von Dohlen, co-founder and board president of the St. John Paul II Life Center (JPII Life Center). “There’s no question that organizations working together accomplish so much more than going it alone, and we are grateful for these self-giving leaders!”

What is the JPII Life Center?

Inspired by the ministry of St. John Paul II, Von Dohlen and others forged a unique, financially sustainable nonprofit model, combining a pregnancy help center with a life-affirming OB/GYN medical practice under one roof.

“What we do is to inform minds, transform hearts and save lives,” summed up Von Dohlen in a recent talk to more than 650 attendees at the 2023 Legatus Summit in Florida.

The Center helps women during pregnancy and for up to three years after, providing material goods, client advocate assistance and available medical care. “Whatever they need,” says Von Dohlen.

How has the Dobbs decision affected the Life Center?

“With the US Supreme Court Dobbs decision, the need for actively working together to determine the best paths forward for the protection and promotion of critical life issues has never been more important,” echoes Linda Ruf, CEO of the JPII Life Center and Vitae Clinic.

The JPII Life Center and Vitae Clinic goals for 2023 include (1) expanding services to accommodate increasing client and patient demand, (2) delivering new educational programs including A Glimpse Inside™ —a compelling video program that educates youth on the scientific reality of life in the womb, (3) promoting the center’s Vitae Family Planning Curriculum for medical residents, and (4) aggressively working to prevent chemical abortions and the misinformation that they are “safe.”

JPII Life Center Boards Membership

JPII Life Center boards membership includes:


Stephen Billy (Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America), John F. Brehany, PhD (National Catholic Bioethics Center), Louis Brown, J.D. (Christ Medicus Foundation), Dr. John Bruchalski, M.D. (Tepeyac Family Center), Dr. Ben Carson, M.D. (American Cornerstone Institute); Derry Connolly, PhD (John Paul II the Great University), Dr. Robin Goldsmith, M.D. (St. Giana Clinic), Michael Guarino-IPA (Practice Management), Dr. Donna Harrison, M.D. (AAPLOG), Stephen Henley (Legatus), Dr. Stephen Hilgers, M.D. (Saint John Paul the Great Society of Procreative Surgeons), Sue Liebel (Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America), John Meyer (Napa Institute), Dr. Steven White, M.D. (CHCLA)


David Bereit (Founder, 40 Days for Life), Tim Busch (Napa Institute), Shawn Carney (CEO, 40 Days for Life), Dede Chism (Bella Health + Wellness), Marjorie Dannenfelser (Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America), Chuck Donovan (Charlotte Lozier Institute), Heather Gardner (Central Texas Coalition for Life), Marissa Guarino (Diocese Healthcare Management), Andrew Hughes (American Cornerstone Institute), Gary Ingold (Community Pregnancy Clinics), Abby Johnson (And Then There Were None), Joseph Meaney, PhD (National Catholic Bioethics Center), Joe Pojman, PhD (Texas Alliance for Life), Kevin Roberts, PhD (Heritage Foundation), Jonathan Saenz (Texas Values), Greg Sindelar (Texas Public Policy Foundation), Kevin Stuart, PhD (Stumberg Hall)

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