March For Life: FIND A MARCH FOR LIFE (or Vigil) NEAR YOU

By Karen A. Walker

January 22 marks the 46th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision known as Roe vs. Wade that made it the law of the land in the United States that abortion on demand was legal in every state.  Prior to this, each state established its own laws on the matter.  Not heard on the mainstream media, the plaintiff in this landmark case,

Find a March for Life near you

Norma McCorvey, actually did not have an abortion, but instead had already delivered her third child prior to the trial and had surrendered that child for adoption, as she had done for her previous two children.  McCorvey later admitted she had been a pawn in a pro-abortion agenda scheme.  Her own life was anything but easy and her adult life followed suit.  She even went on to work in the abortion industry after the trial.

But in a remarkable turn-around story, McCorvey radically changed her life, recognizing that abortion at all stages was taking  an innocent human life and therefore not just wrong but evil. She eventually converted to Christianity, and a little later became Catholic. She was received into the Church in 1998, by Fr. Frank Pavone, international director of Priest For Life, and Fr. Edward Robinson in Dallas.

This January, as as been done every January since the unjust Supreme Court decision of January 22, 1973, hundreds of thousands of men, women, priests, nuns, college students, teens and families have marked their plea for a reversal of the Roe v Wade decision and an honoring of the U.S. Constitution’s protection of human life with peaceful, powerful and prayerful walks for life.  The first and largest of these is the March For LIfe in Washington D.C..  The second largest is in San Francisco, and there are many many local walks for life in locations throughout the United States.  Even Canada and parts of Europe have followed suit, protesting anti-life laws in their countries.

Find a March for Life near you

We at Catholic Business Journal participate every year and we encourage you to do the same, either dedicating the time to prayer for the unborn and a reversal of the Culture of Death, or actually walking alongside so many like-minded people.

You’ve never seen so many people!

By the way, if you’ve ever been to any March for Life, you know first-hand how many people turn out — 50,000 turn out in San Francisco (a city not known for defending life, to put it mildly), and near or exceeding 500,000 in D.C.   If you’ve never been to any of these events, you’ll be shocked that the media does not adequately cover such an enormous event, even the other local events are significant! 

To give you an idea, In San Francisco’s Walk For Life West Coast, the entire stretch of Market Street—this is the main street in the downtown area — is shut down for more than half a day as participants walk nearly elbow to elbow for two miles, from City Hall to the Embarcadero.  More than 50,000 people and often not even a nod on TV!  Wouldn’t you be stunned to venture into SF on a Saturday in January to find a major artery shut down half the day for something that’s not even on the news?!!

Find a March for Life near you

In Washington D.C., the biggest March For Life passes by the White House and ends at the U.S. Supreme Court.  Again, main road arteries are shut down, barricaded, as the nearly elbow to elbow throng of hundreds of thousands walks. The throng of people stretches for miles.  It’s amazing.  And this March for Life in D.C. has continued steady each January — whether in pelting rain or near-blizzard snow. Busses of college students, youth groups and high schools save and plan to trek out mid-Winter to make this stand for life and for the unborn. 

Bon Courage!  God must hear these prayers, our prayers and actions!  Regardless of what mainstream media reports, the truth is God’s domain.  And we all know who will ultimately win!



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