Draw Your Own Conclusions…. International Women’s Day looks a little different this year

By Sophia Francesca

I write this as a woman, female, a God-made, parents-helped original… and Catholic.

I live, however, in a region where some people, journalists, even a few business professionals, service industry hosts and other leaders and influencers (self-proclaimed and objectively determined) — did I mention news reporters and politicians?!!!! — even clergy from various faiths, tend to avoid speaking plainly about—or acknowledging—womanhood, genuine femininity, natural traits, blessings, gifts, uniqueness or beauty of born-by-their-parents girls and women.  They avoid such acknowledgement even in casual conversation, lest they commit a sin worse than death: “offending someone.”

None of these people seem to fear offending me, just for the record.

This is especially annoying (to put it mildly) on “International Women’s Day” 2023.

Think about it… in terms of food

Any good chef is discerning in his or her tastes; discerning in which onion or beef is used for a dish, where it was grown, how it was processed.  A good chef knows as much as possible about the ingredients in a master dish of his (or her) creation.  He (or She) is not bluffed by a person trying to sell them fresh cod when they recognize it’s a different kind of fish.

In a study by Oceana, favorites such as sea bass and snapper had some of the highest rates of mislabeling. Sea bass was mislabeled 55% of the time and snapper 42% of the time. That includes in restaurants and in stores.

Chef Gordon Ramsey of Hell’s Kitchen would have none of that!  And that’s why he’s respected for his expertise, his clarity of ingredient discernment, his tastebuds, imagination and his grounding in REALITY.

Call it what you will, Cod, as good as it is, is never gonna be Chilean Sea Bass (a misnomer in itself apparently).

The same is true of female, woman, girl

Call a person who “identifies as a woman” what you will…   You get the point.


A person is a person no matter how small, or tall, or anything else.  And any—ANY—human person FULLY deserves and is worthy of human respect, love, family and friends. 

Human respect, love, family and friends is anchored in truthReality.  If Joe identifies as Jane, then the starting point of any human relationship with Joe is to accept that Joe sees himself as Jane.

If Joe insists that “identifying as” Jane means that he is as much of a woman as his mom.  Obviously, that’s not reality.  Go back to the food analogy.  Cod is never gonna be Chilean Sea Bass.

Instead of going through the obvious absurdity of calling things by a name other than the reality of what they are, the starting point is always truth. Reality.  NOT a meaning any individual chooses to assign to reality.  (Aristotle was so correct in establishing his book of Categories as a foundation of understanding nature, truth.)

With those anchor, unchanging and common sense principles of truth in mind, draw your own conclusions…

International Women’s Day 2023


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