Cardiologist Dr. Oz Running for Senate, Fed Up with Govt Overreach, Violation of Freedoms

Amid a flurry of new vaccine mandates and dire warnings, a shocking new announcement from a completely different arena.  Cardiologist and popular TV Host Dr. Mehmet Oz announced he’s running for Senate, in the state of Pennsylvania where he registered at his parents’ home last December.

In his announcement, Oz said, “I feel that we’re in a great crisis. Covid broke the country in some ways and I feel that our values our under attack…. we need better solutions. They’re out there.  We need to stop shaming and silencing and bullying and canceling people with ideas that are different from ours, especially when they’re good ideas..

“In medicine, when you cannot say what you see, people die….”

“COVID has shown us that our system is broken. We lost too many lives, too many jobs, and too many opportunities because Washington got it wrong. They took away our freedom without making us safer and tried to kill our spirit and our dignity. As a heart surgeon, I know how precious life is.”

This 8 minute interview is raw and uncensored — well worth watching:

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