Regardless of Party, This affects us All: Congressman Roy from Texas Minces No Words as he Passionately Exposes the REALITY of what’s going on in Congress right now

Forbes—Yesterday on the House floor, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) laced into Speaker Pelosi over a new mask mandate for the House of Representatives. 

CBJ— In his short, pithy comments, Congressman Roy lifted the veil on the staggering hypocrasy—”sham” he called it— of what’s happening on our southern border—with an avalanche of Covid-infected illegals pouring over the border and shipped to different parts of the country—vs. the newest “mask mandate” in the House of Representatives that includes even those vaccinated.

Delivered with passion, clarity and polite, pithy precision — regardless with which party you identify:

View here or below for 3-1/2 min video clip:

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