Award-winning, mainstream doctor: “We have a winning game plan for COVID-19, now!”

By CBJ staff

Richard M. Bartlett M.D., a prominent Texas doctor says a treatment protocol he began using weeks after the deadly Covid-19 virus triggered government shutdowns has proved to be “a winning game plan” for shutting down Covid-19 in his patients, including for a multi-cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.  In June, Europe launched a major clinical trial of the same treatment protocol.   Meanwhile, in Texas, Dr. Barlett continues to use it with consistent excellent results for patients.


1. In the first video (top video to the right), posted in July 2020, Dr. Bartlett talks about his treatment, results and clinical trials in Europe.  Near the last part of the video he gives a broader perspective of the situation.Award-winning, mainstream doctor: "We have a winning game plan for COVID-19, now!"

2.  In the second video (lower video to the right), posted in May 2020, Dr. Bartlett goes into more depth regarding what is now known about how coronavirus Covid-19 wreaks havoc on the body, what he prescribes, and how—and why—this protocol works so well.   It was a discovery born of absolute frustration at initially not being able to help Covid-19 patients. 


A practicing medical doctor for more than 28 years, Dr. Richard Bartlett has been in practice for more than 28 years.

His credentials include:

  • CBS News Medical Expert of West Texas for more than 20 years
  • KCRS AM550 Medical Contributor on a regular basis
  • Medical Director of multiple facilities – including clinics, ambulance services, nursing homes, emergency services, and a private hospital
  • Texas Medical Association, served on the Board of Councilors
  • 4 Terms as President, County Medical Society

  • Appointed by Governor to the Texas Health Disparities Task Force, serving 7 years

  • Awarded the Meritorious Service Award of the Year, Texas Home and Health CommissionerAward-winning, mainstream doctor: "We have a winning game plan for COVID-19, now!"
  • Medical Mission Work – He has flown overseas more than a dozen times to provide medical care to those in need, including to refugee camps and war zones
  • Medical Missions Director, World Missions Alliance
  • Author, Journey of a Medicine Man: Doctor Confirmed Miracles

For several months following the onslaught of the coronavirus, COVID-19, Dr. Bartlett began using—and continues to use—what he is now calling a “silver bullet” treatment plan for COVID-19. The treatment involves medications that have been around a long time and are considered safe.

So far so good.

All his patients have recovered fast and strong, including treatment of a Covid-19 patient who was (and is still) fighting off two kinds of blood cancers and going through chemotherapy.

That cancer patient, a grandmother who still teaches, had endured five days of fever with Covid-19, flat on her back, in addition to multiple other health problems. Her fever broke after his first treatment and a few days later she fully recovered and returned to work.

“I’m seeing extreme results like that,” Dr. Bartlett confirmed.

Dr. Bartlett’s ongoing research revealed that a clinical trial launched in June in Europe—a major study—of same treatment plan that he been using now for more than 4 months. Similar results are being achieved in some other nations.

His treatment plan involves medicine that has been out for more than 25 years. He says it is a medicine we know a lot about and that has proven safe for users. Along with antibiotics to prevent secondary infections such as pneumonia, Dr. Bartlett uses budesonide in a nebulizer.

Budesonide, he says, has been used for premature babies in the NICU for the past 25 years. “You can’t talk about a more vulnerable population than a tiny preemie baby that’s in the NICU,” says Dr. Bartlett. “So it’s safe and it’s effective…. But I’ve never seen it be as effective for any other treatments it’s used for than it is for Covid-19. It’s almost like it was made for this specific pandemic…”

Covid-19 virus has already mutated more than 100 times, according to research overseas, and it can be no “walk in the park” for those who contract it.  We hope this provides useful information. 




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