Restoring American Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the U.S. has become challenging in recent years, but not for all the reasons you might expect if you’re not intimately involved in manufacturing.  The various factors affecting American manufacturing intertwine, but one stand-out component is a surprising lack of trained, skilled workers.  The money potential is there. The need is there.  But not the skilled employee pool.   It’s a problem; one of a chain of problems related to U.S.-based manufacturing.

An important new study

A newly published booklet entitled Restoring American Manufacturing, by David P. Goldman, delivers a first of its kind comprehensive study that ultimately proposes practical solutions for revitalizing this long-neglected but vital part of the U.S. economy and national security.

Drawing upon extensive research and expertise in the field, Goldman delves into the challenges facing American  Catholic CPA for you -manufacturing, including offshore outsourcing, technological disruptions, and the international trade system.

Practical solutions

Beyond identifying problems, Goldman outlines a clear roadmap for policymakers, business leaders and stakeholders to revitalize manufacturing through regulations, laws, strategic investments and innovative approaches to workforce development.

The consequences of not acting look pretty dire.

Whether you are an industry professional, a policymaker, a business owner or simply someone interested in the future of American economy, we at Catholic Business Journal believe that this essay is a must-read.

You may agree or disagree with the findings and solutions, you may have other and better ideas, but the point is that this is an important economic and social issue for the U.S. and therefore worth understanding, sharing and discussing with others, and acting on.



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