We missed this one in December, but worth showcasing now: McDonald’s Franchise Owners Keep Priorities Clear and Simple

We at Catholic Business Journal missed this one in December but feel it is worth showcasing as a reminder at the start of the new year. Consider this simple Faith at Work story encouragement for keeping our FAITH principles top-of-mind in every decision we make, every action we do, including at work and in the Board room. – ed., Catholic Business Journal

LifeSiteNews—Dec 5, 2019—The owners of the McDonald’s franchise in Columbia, Tennessee, Tony and Gina Wolfe, also own another nearby and a third in Spring Hill. The Wolfes told local TV station WZTV that their family has adorned all three locations with artwork presenting the meaning of Christmas for many years.

“It’s a family business which has been owned and operated by my family for 40 years.  My dad started this… Read More>>

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