Attention Catholic Educators: Classic Learning Test (CLT) assessments for Grades 3–6 are finally here

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE) recently announced its enthusiastic support for Classic Learning Test’s summative, end-of-year assessments for young learners in grades 3-6, saying that these assessments meet a great need for Catholic schools and teachers by complementing beautiful, faithful education.

Classic Learning Test (CLT) is currently recruiting schools to participate in the pilot testing of  its “CLT3-6,” which will take place in May 2023.

The Spring 2023 pilot exam will be administered in a pencil-and-paper format and is free for participating schools. Schools will receive a comprehensive score report and section score in addition to receiving a Lexile (verbal) and Quantile (mathematical) score for each student.

View a sample CLT3 testsign up your school, or share this opportunity with a Catholic school near you!


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