A Catholic Alternative to State Teacher Licensure Earns Highest Praise from Superintendent and Teachers

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education offers a robust alternative to state teacher licensure: a national credential that prepares educators to infuse a deeply Catholic philosophy and practice of education into their teaching, namely the Catholic Educator Formation and Credential (CEFC) program..

The pilot program, launched in 2021 for Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver, is coming to a successful close this year and Denver’s superintendent of Catholic school is more than impressed with the results.

A Catholic Alternative to State Teacher Licensure Earns Highest Praise from Superintendent and Teachers


“Our teachers now have access to a truly formative experience that honors their dignity as human people, preparing them in the best of our Catholic tradition made anew for the reality of our times and giving them sound pedagogical tools rooted in Catholic principles,” says Elias J. Moo,  Superintendent of Denver Catholic Schools, “CEFC has truly been a blessing for the Archdiocese of Denver!”

The Catholic Educator Formation and Credential (CEFC) program is an 18-month hybrid program for educators that features five robust courses on content and pedagogy rooted in Catholic philosophy and theology. The 2023-2024 cohort kicks off July 31-August 4, 2023 with one of three in-person sessions at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee.

Application reviews for the 2023-2024 national cohort of K-12 educators will begin on March 1, with rolling admission until all spots are filled. This cohort will be limited to 40 K-12 teachers. Applicants can expect to hear back within three weeks.

More Feedback from Credential Candidates

“This [program] helped me to articulate more deeply my mission as a Catholic educator – to uphold Catholic anthropology in my teachings, lifestyle, and speech.”

“The [program] prepares the new teacher for the daily practical procedures as well as grounding them in a strong, Catholic worldview.”  Catholic CPA for you -

“My vision and purpose are more finely defined. As a 14-year veteran teacher, this is a welcome surprise!”

“I have had a lot of technical training, but this training is helping me find the true beauty and goodness in my vocation.”

“I always knew that Catholic education was special, but now I understand why.”

“I greatly appreciated the balance of seminar/ lecture with interactive lessons and time to engage with and practice the techniques given. I also enjoyed being able to observe [the instructors] utilize many of the strategies taught.”



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