Desperate Plea from Ukranian Catholic University: What’s really going on in Ukraine

We at Catholic Business Journal have personally met with the head priest and top administration of, and learned about, the Ukrainian Catholic University during our attendance at previous years’ Napa Institute.  We learned they are the only — ONLY — Catholic university in the Ukraine and that they have managed to maintain a consistent, though at times diminished, presence even through the communist era.  Since 2002 they have grown significantly.  Their faculty are passionate Catholics and so are most of their students.  They have a first-row seat, so to speak, on what is happening right now with Russia. 

Listen for yourself to this short video by the Myroslav Marynovych, vice-rector for University Mission at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCO) Foundation… fyi, when he mentions “UCO” he is referring to the university:

Located in Western Ukraine, Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU)  is the only Catholic university on the vast territory of the former Soviet Union. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in subjects such as computer science, business, law, theology, government administration, and rehabilitation medicine. The university is open to members of all religious denominations and is guided by Western and Catholic principles of ethics, compassion, and transparency.

Though established as a university in 2002, UCU’s history actually dates back at least to 1928. Now the university offers bachelor’s and graduate degrees in subjects like business, computer science, theology and history, with more than 1,700 full- and part-time students.


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