Mexico: Children Rescued from Collapsed School Building

God Bless Mexico!! In the aftermath of Tuesday’s powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake—as collapsed buildings, shock, devastation and the unimaginable pain of suddenly discovering the fate of lost loved ones transform parts of Mexico City and the surrounding region into chaos, prayers of gratitude, and even survival mode, nonetheless heroes and radical moments of selfless kindness that remind us of what it means to be truly human emerge. Amateur footage posted on the BBC capture the drama of children being rescued from the under rubble of the Enrique Rébsamen school in Mexico City. They were not rescued by trained professionals, but by ordinary people. Neighbor helping neighbor. Businessman helping whoever needs it. Just as was seen in Texas only weeks ago, with neighbors using boats to rescue neighbors. The rescue shown in this short video below captures the unspoken need for calmness to motivate the children, and yet full realization of the extreme danger of the situation. “This is why I love the Mexican culture,” says Carrie Morrison, who first brought the footage to our attention.  “….listen and read the translation of the words they use to coax the little tiny children out of the disaster.  “Come my love”… they never give up!


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