I’ve gained hope, health and financial stability

By Catherine Moran

About 13 years ago, I was facing a tough situation.  For the previous 20 years, as a single parent raising three children, I had been working full time as a hair-dresser. It was a great career for me.  But now it was coming to an end.  My health was slowly declining. I could no longer deny it.  Standing all day cutting hair, not to mention breathing in the fumes of multiple chemical hair products throughout the day, didn’t help the situation.  Going back to school or training for a different career would take time and money, and I couldn’t afford to be without a steady income.

Around that time, a seemingly friend introduced me to some nutritional products that had greatly enhanced her health.  I needed to do something, and I figured this might be a quick fix, so I agreed to try some for myself. 

A month went by. I hadn’t solved my career dilemma, but I had begun to notice that I was at least feeling better.  It wasn’t long after that when my friend invited me to consider taking on a home-based business with these same products.  I could do it part-time, like many other similar opportunities.  

The opportunity sounded great — it could solve my career situation of course — but I had great fear about it. I liked the products and how they were helping me. I wouldn’t need to be on my feet all day.  I could be more flexible with my time. But was I cut out for running a home-based business? I really didn’t know.

At any rate, after being assured I’d own my own business but not be alone in the process, I took a leap of faith and jumped in with both feet. 

Now, 13 years later, I can honestly say that these products and this company have been such a wonderful blessing in my life. My physical health has dramatically improved in so many areas — from my sinus issues and menopause, to bone density issues.

But it’s more than that.

Today, I don’t worry about my health, medical expenses or retirement!  That’s a great feeling!

To be more specific, here are the three ways I feel most blessed by this work-from-home business:

1.  Helping others, whether it be family, friends, neighbors or referrals … I feel hope again and I am dreaming again!  And when I can share this hope with others, and watch as their lives improve for the better with improved health or by earning enough to not lose their home, that’s an exceptional reward for me. I call helping others my “paycheck of the heart.”

2.  Helping the poorest of the poor.  I now have a way to help others even more deeply, through our company’s Charitable Foundation, which brings nutritional products to the poorest of the poor worldwide.  This charity work has been recognized and honored by Pope John Paul II, TWICE!  Donations pour in from eight different countries around the world to help those who live in severe poverty. Some even travel to help out in person. All of this stems from the giving philosophy of the scientist inventor of the nutritional company.   What a great blessing I have been given that I am able to share and pay it forward, with others, who have also been praying for help.
I've gained hope, health and financial stability

3.  Personal growth. I have grown in so many ways. I love to help others and now I see a clear picture of what we have been blessed with in this business … I could  keep it to myself, but I see it as a moral obligation to share this work-from-home-opportunity with all who are looking for help and hope!  I don’t have to sell. I just share and let God do the rest.  No stress.

In sum, if you’re finding yourself in a financial jam, or in a situation where you must change careers for some reason, I want to encourage you to keep your hope strong because God has a unique plan for YOU!  Take care of your health, and don’t be afraid to explore a home-based business if it appeals to you. And if you’re interested in what I do, just give me a call: 855-921-HOPE (4673).

God bless your good work, always.


Catherine Moran is part of the Hope In a Can team. She may be reached at 855-921-HOPE (4673) or electronically here.

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