Keep it simple: Jim Horan helps businesses do just that to see profits soar

By CBJ staff

We all know the KISS shortcut for “Keep It Simple,” but the next guest mentor Jim Horan to be interviewed on The Mentors Radio Program, which is produced weekly by Catholic Business Journal, takes simplicity to a whole new level and applies it to business! Brilliant!

After two decades in senior financial positions with Shaklee Corporation and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Horan launched The One Page Business Plan Company that has helped literally thousands of businesses achieve sustainable cash flow and profit growth.

The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie, who is also a columnist with the Catholic Business Journal, talks with Horan about how to simplify one’s business and the pressing matters of life in order to radically improve health, wealth and whatever other goals you may have! Find Show Notes here. Listen to the show on the Salem Media Network AM 860 in San Francisco, or by streaming audio, or later by podcast, which posts after Saturday morning airing. Find all details on or subscribe to the show podcast — its FREE — here.

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