HISTORY: The Past gives valuable Perspective to the Present

Popular culture holds a dismissive attitude toward history. Common headlines include “unprecedented times”, “worse than ever”, and “never before.” But how often is that really true? What do we face that is truly without precedent?

This mindset—that all things have either escalated or de-escalated, that the present is always somehow more or less than the past—comes from a perspective that considers history only as lists of events and points of data.

That’s the true story of history that is told in the history textbooks produced by Catholic Textbook Project: the story of people making choices, good and bad, and how those choices affected the rest of the world.

By understanding those who came before us and the decisions they made, we gain a clearer understanding of the present—because ultimately, there are no problems that someone has not faced before.

If you are ready to give your children, grandchildren or students the full context of history, request a sample here and see how Catholic Textbook Project history textbooks are unlike anything else out there.


HISTORY: The Past gives valuable Perspective to the Present













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