New book releases for young readers expose much bigger, stiffling issue

By Karen A. Walker

In a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece, journalist and former diplomat Dave Seminara does an excellent job of showcasing the depth to which agenda-driven, cultural “group think” has saturated our culture, and hence, our children’s and grandchildren’s perception of the world..

Those of us who aren’t kids any more have no clue. 

We assume children are learning pretty much the same thing we learned when we were that age.  OK, maybe it’s presented a little differently from “back in the day,” but it’s pretty much the same.  After all, history is history, and English grammar is English grammar, and math…

It ain’t so. Not at all. Not today.

Award-winning Christian author and brilliant Oxford professor C.S. Lewis advised that for every one book we read that was written in our current era, we should read 10 books written from another era, in order to prevent becoming blind to the errors of our current age.  Prudent advice!

Today it’s getting more difficult to even FIND books not written in our era!  That’s a true shame.  Such an environment, year after year, slowly stunts a child’s understanding and learning and even would seem to stunt the full potential and agility of the human brain. 

It’s like teaching a child only in the greyed out hues seen by some who are color-blind. And, in addition, doing everything possible to eliminate the majority of the population who are capable of seeing color, from ever coming across anything other than the greyed out hues. 

Imagine the breath-taking splendor of turning a corner and seeing vivid colors for the first time.   Imagine you could always see colors—all your life–but you never knew it.  You never were allowed to see color, never exposed to it.  Such a discovery would be mind-opening.  You might even think you’d gone mad.  What happened to the greyed-out world? What was wrong with you?  In such a scenario, of course, NOTHING was wrong with you!  But everything was wrong with the intense, controlled agenda-driven teaching you received as a child and young adult.

I could go on, but you get the idea. 

Here’s a link to Dave Seminara’s short, discussion-worthy piece:

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A notably one-sided selection of ‘Inspiring Books to Empower Young Readers.’


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