By Thomas M. Loarie

A Christmas Gift: Life-Giving Nourishment for Both the Body and Soul

December 7, 2020
Column: CEO Learnings

The Pontifical Swiss Guard’s elegant “The Vatican Christmas Cookbook” is infused with the Spirit of Christmas with 100 recipes, stories and pictures that are an integral part of the Vatican Christmas narrative.

In this beautifully illustrated book, authors David Geisser and Thomas Kelly have again successfully linked our physical and spiritual needs to food – food for the body and food for the soul. Without proper nourishment, we become weak and cannot function properly. “The Vatican Christmas Cookbook” nourishes both.

This cookbook centers on recipes that range from simple to elegant, from entrees and side dishes to desserts and cookies, and from individual appetites to communal meals. They are organized by time of the Christmas A Christmas Gift: Life-Giving Nourishment for Both the Body and Soulseason – Advent, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Christmas prayers and graces and stories of the Swiss Guard, St. Nicholas, the roots of Advent, how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, the Three Wise Men, and how Popes Leo the Great, Gregory, Benedict XV and St. John Paul II celebrated the season provide ample spiritual nourishment to go along with the
book’s “main dish.”

Geisser served in the Pontifical Swiss Guard and is today one of the leading chefs in Switzerland. “Food has been his focus since childhood.” Kelly is not even a good cook, but he is veteran writer, editor and producer with more than a dozen books to his name.

Publisher Sophia Institute Press should be extremely proud of this book…it does achieve of the goal of nurturing the spiritual and cultural life of the soul. Those seeking authentic life-giving nourishment for both the body and soul will not be disappointed with “The Vatican Christmas Cookbook.”


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