By Thomas M. Loarie

The Philosophy, Poetry and Spirituality of Life

November 11, 2007
Column: CEO Learnings

John O’Donohue’s best-selling “Anam Cara” is one of the most profound books I have read this year and is a must read for those searching for the deeper meaning of life, purpose and eternity. “Anam Cara” (soul friend) is a rare synthesis of philosophy, poetry, and spirituality with O’Donohue moving your mind, heart and soul on every page. He has packed so much into this book that you may, as I did, want to read just few pages a day.

O’Donohue integrates philosophy, poetry, and spirituality as he reveals the mystery of friendship, the spirituality of the senses, the importance of solitude, the poetry of work, the beauty of aging, and our daily companion, death. You will be rewarded with uncommon wisdom and unique insights on each topic.

On friendship, O’Donohue speaks to the circle of belonging, love being the nature of the soul, and the soul being the divine echo.

On the senses – the holiness of the gaze, listening as worship, the language of touch, and the body being both the angel and mirror of the soul.

On solitude – the world of the soul is secret, transfiguring the ego is to liberate the soul, the natural is to be holy, and one of the greatest sins is the unlived life.

On work – the expression of the soul, weakness and power, the false trap of belonging, work and imagination, and how heartful work brings beauty.

On aging – time as a circle, our harvest, memories, passion and aging, wisdom as poise and grace, and the freedom aging brings.

And death – the unknown companion, the faces of death in everyday life, death as the root of fear
the dead are our nearest neighbors, birth as death, and how the dead bless us.

“Anam Cara” is a beautiful book that will increase your understanding of yourself, your relationships, the world around you, and how we relate to the divine in all aspects of life.

Thomas M. Loarie
Danville, CA

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