In partnership with Chris Lowney (picture above) and his nonprofit, Pilgrimage for Our Children’s Future, the Catholic Business Journal is launching its first-ever VIRTUAL PILGRIMAGE, beginning on Sunday, November 29 (the first day of Advent) and ending on January 1 (the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary).   Our Virtual Pilgrimage will follow the directives the great Saint Louis de Montefort and his Consecration to Jesus through Mary!

What is a Pilgrimage?

According to the dictionary, a pilgrimage is “a journey to a sacred place.”

What is a Virtual Pilgrimage? 

As far as we know, we coined the phrase “virtual pilgrimage” and what we intend is that those of us who aren’t able to make a physical journey to a sacred place nonetheless choose to dedicate some time every day to make a special and sacred interior journey.

In our Virtual Pilgrimage, Catholic Business Journal pilgrims will follow St. Louis de Montfort’s “Consecration to Jesus to Mary,” which involves a 33-day preparation period prior to making a powerful Consecration.  St. Louis de Montfort’s preparation period involves daily, specific and beautiful meditations and simple, powerful prayers to the Holy Spirit—all geared to quietly transform us into a deeper relationship with God.   Some people on a pilgrimage will have a specific intention for their pilgrimage as well.

We will be doing a little more.  Allied with the nonprofit Pilgrimage for Our Children’s Future, we will virtually journey with  pilgrims along the route of the famous month-long pilgrimage Santiago de Compostelo.  What that means will be come clear through daily emails as we journey along.

 What do I need for the Pilgrimage? 

The only thing you need is a small book entitled True Devotion to Mary, by St. Louis de Montfort, which you can get at any local Catholic Bookstore or in the Catholic Business Journal store.  Note: Be sure the book you get includes the list of readings and prayers recommended by St. Louis de Montfort. Not all books with similar titles include this, so we are recommending two books here:

True Devotion: Consecration to Mary, St. Louis de Montfort (for those who want all the saint’s recommended readings in one place.)

True Devotion to Mary, by St. Louis de Montfort

Will we be doing anything else during the Pilgrimage?

Some Catholic Business Journal pilgrims may wish to offer almsgiving of Time, Treasure, or Talent, so we are developing a chart for people to indicate annonymously what they are doing in this regard. Also, we are partnering with Pilgrimage for Our Children’s Future, so of course donations are always welcome to help the children that this foundation helps around the world.

Why did you choose to partner with Pilgrimage for Our Children’s Future?

There are so many good charities and nonprofits that need our help. Our idea for a virtual pilgrimage originated in preparing for The Catholic Business Hour radio interview with Chris Lowney, the founder of this particular charity. Pilgrimage for Our Children’s Future was launched with the grandest of all pilgrimages which dates back to the Middle Ages—Santiago de Compostela in Spain. (Remember Chaucer’s Tales? It was written about a pilgrimage to Canterbury)

This particular nonprofit foundation continues to be deeply rooted in a pilgrimage mindset, with 100 percent of all donations directly go to help children in dire circumstances. Lastly, the funds from this foundation are given to hand-picked organizations and groups that serve children in the areas of healthcare and education. Each group is chosen for its remarkable and effective work with children who truly are without other options. You can learn more from the foundation website:

Have Popes recommended this Consecration by St. Louis de Montfort?

Yes!  This exact same 33-day preparation and then Consecration format by St. Louis de Montfort has been powerfully recommended by Popes throughout the ages, including Pope Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII, Pope St. Pius X, Pope Benedict XV, Pope Pius XI, Pope Pius XII, Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope John Paul II wrote that the reading of True Devotion to Mary, by St. Louis de Montfort, “was a decisive turning point in my life.  I say “turning point,” but in fact it was a long inner journey…This ‘perfect devotion’ is indispensable to anyone who means to give himself without reserve to Christ and to the work of redemption…. It is from Montfort that I have taken my motto: Totus Tuus.”

Anything else?

Yes, please sign up below to receive short, daily emails during the Pilgrimage journey!