Michelle Gabrielle

Dear brothers in Christ. This year I was thrown in jail overnight, locked up in a looney hospital due to the wrong meds. Husb left me took kids to his moms away from me, lost custody lost 18,000 to a greedy lawyer who withdrew in the middle of a custody case, totalled my car and lived almost committed suicide and lived, finally gave my life to Jesus and decided Satan has had way too much control especially after I got fired from my job that i offered up daily in prayer for my x husbands salvation. help we need lots of holy angels to come down from heaven and fight this battle that has divided a very beautiful loving family. Just when my husband wanted to recieve holy communion and possible become a catholic just after my daughter made her holy communion just when I was going back into Eucharistic ministry. My family has been broken by one doctor putting me on the wrong meds and I almost killed myself. Please pray for us. Please pray for Michael, my little boy cried today when he had to