URGENT…I need urgent prayers for Bobby. It literally is a matter of life and death. There is a gang after him and if they get a hold of him, it will be a death to the finish. Please, he is a good man, and doesn’t deserve this. Please, please, pray for his safety and also for him to see the Light of Truth as he doesn’t believe in anything. Sometimes I get so tired of being the only one. It seems like I have the world on my shoulders which I know isn’t true. Please pray for this man. I’ve asked our Lady of Fatima who I feel has a very special love for him to spread Her mantle of protection and love over him. I’ve asked St. Dismas, patron saint of prisoners to look out for him. I’ve asked his own special guardian angel and of course, the Almighty Father to protect him. Please pray for me to be able to help him get out of this mess so that one day Bobby too, can believe with all his heart as I do. This is extremely urgent. Thank you and all of Heaven thanks you.