The Entrepreneurial Founders of Catholic Healthcare in America

Dick Lyles interviews Mary Jo Potter regarding the entrepreneurial founders of Catholic healthcare in America — the sacrifice and whole-hearted commitment of the early Catholic religious orders who made it possible.

Ms. Potter is a devout Catholic, strongly pro-life and for many years she served as a Member of Board of Stewardship Trustee of Catholic Health Initiatives and as a Director of CHRISTUS Health System since 2006 among other select healthcare-related boards and several life-changing nonprofits.

Mary Jo is currently a senior advisor with BDC Advisors, a leading strategy consulting firm exclusively serving the healthcare sector in the U.S.  Prior work incluces Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Highperlink, an international human capital management consulting firm–with special focus on healthcare organizations; Executive Vice President of Omega Performance Corporation; Co-founder and President/Chief Executive Officer of Oxicon/McGraw-Hill;  Director of LesConcierges, Inc. COMPLI, Inc., and Dignity Health, and as a Director of Ocular Sciences Inc.

Mary Jo’s Catholic faith and her extensive work with healthcare organizations has given her an in-depth understanding of how Catholic healthcare began in the U.S., and the sacrifice and commitment of the religious orders involved in this beginning.

After the interview, Dick will answer caller questions on careers, business and work.