The “Christ Brings Hope” Award is an award presented by Relevant Radio to an American Catholic who has worked with extraordinary dedication to bring the good news and hope of Christ to all souls.  This person exemplifies the virtues of charity, generosity, hope, apostolic zeal, and love for the Truth.

The “Christ Brings Hope” Award is an award presented by Relevant Radio to an American Catholic who has worked with extraordinary dedication to bring the good news and hope of Christ to all souls.  This person exemplifies the virtues of charity, generosity, hope, apostolic zeal, and love for the Truth.

Recently, a large crowd attended in Austin, Texas, as Father Rocky Hoffman, Executive Director of Relevant Radio, introduced Emcee Drew Mariani, who presented Auxiliary Bishop Daniel E. Garcia, Diocese of Austin, who then opened the evening in prayer.

A letter from Governor Greg Abbott set the tone for the evening.


As Governor of Texas, it is my pleasure to welcome all in attendance to the 22nd National Christ Brings Hope Award Dinner at the Hyatt Regency in Austin.

The Texas of tomorrow and the strength of the Lone Star State will be defined by the steps that we take today.  From the earliest days of our history, committed Texans have reached out to make a difference.  As beacons of inspiration and hope, communities of faith have continued that proud legacy, laying always the foundation for the generations of Texans to come.

I would like to congratulate former Texas state representative Tim Von Dohlen and his wife Pat on receiving the National Christ Brings Hope Award.  The Von Dohlens have showcased true Christian values through their dedication to supporting their community of faith and a culture of life by establishing the St. John Paul II Life Center, which has touched and transformed the lives of many Texans seeking help.

First Lady Cecilia Abbott joins me in sending best wishes for an enjoyable evening.

Greg Abbott

Upon receiving the Award Tim Von Dohlen gave the following response:

“We are deeply honored and humbled for the St. John Paul II Life Center to be recipient.  This Center would not have happened but for the help of Pat Von Dohlen, Sheri and Chris Danze and many who have given time, talent and treasure to make it a reality.

“In our 7th year, we can confirm that:

  1. We should reach 1,000 women helped and babies lives saved;
  2. Thousands of women of all faiths received medical care delivered by Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides and Dr. Blake Weidaw, which follows the ERD’s of Catholic Healthcare Services;
  3. Thousands participated in our education outreach.

“With the help of many of you here tonight the St. John Paul II Life Center has grown and is continuing to grow focusing on helping recognize the beauty of life and the dignity of each woman and also working on projects that will have a positive impact for future generations to build a Culture of Life.

“The St. John Paul II Life Center accepts women with love and treats them with respect.  Our own Federal government has been making this more and more difficult by promoting action that takes life by abortion.

“Let me give you an example of how far American society has fallen and is going down the slippery slope of encouraging human complacency and secular humanism.  Federal law now provides that any new healthcare legislation already includes abortion, unless abortion is specifically excluded.
Let me ask you a question?  How many of you know what a frog will do when placed in hot water?  If you’re saying it will jump out.  You are right.  But what if you put a frog in cold water and gradually turn up the heat?  It will stay in the water until it cooks to death.  This is what has been happening to the people in America the last 8 years with the destruction of the nuclear family and other traditional American values including the role of religion.  We have been put in cold water and the government is turning up the heat.  I was so glad to hear our President say, “God will protect America” and each of us is “infused with the gift of life from the same Creator”.  An overdue realization that we are to look to God and NOT to the government for guidance in our life.

“Various organized and well financed groups in America are working hard to desensitize our culture particularly the young who are vulnerable and are our future.

“What stands between where we are today in America and a society that believes there is no such thing as “truth” and there is no God?

“Relevant Radio stands in the breech.  We are so fortunate to have the presence of Relevant Radio in Austin.

“Standing here as well are the Pro-Life Organizations you have seen showing their programs here tonight.  Too often Pro-Life Organizations do not work together, but we here in Austin have a special working relationship to help each other and work toward creating a Culture of Life.

“Thank you Relevant Radio for standing for defense of life.  There are some who would ask Relevant Radio to be more diverse, don’t be as strong on life.  I would say stay strong Relevant Radio.  Life is the greatest social justice issue which when protected in love brings compassion for the poor and dignity to all human life.  What Relevant Radio is doing is protecting the family!

“In the words of St. John Paul II: “The Family is the basic cell of society.  It is the cradle of life and love, the place in which the individual is born and grows.”

“When we are Pro-Life we are Pro-Family.  It is a challenge for each of us to do our part.  There is a saying:

     Yesterday is a cancelled check;
     Tomorrow is a promissory note;
     Today is the only cash you have;
     So, spend it wisely.

“Let us go forward from this day continuing to build and strengthen the St.  John Paul II Life Center utilizing the tremendous resource of Relevant Radio and asking others to share their resources with us to grow and be spent wisely.

“Thank you and God bless you!”

Also recognized was Rev. Mark Hamlet, Pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, with the Caritas Dei Award.  Father Mark partners with the St. John Paul II Life Center to enhance the family with an annual Pro Life – Pro Family Fair.

Wishing you a Holy Easter Tridiuum! And soon, a Happy Easter! Christ has Risen! Alleluia!


Timothy Von Dohlen is the founder and president of the St. John Paul II Life Center and Vitae Clinic in Austin, Texas. (  For a more robust bio, click here.  – He may be reached at